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  Reviews (Showing 1 to 10 of 645)

Manitoba Poison "20 seeds nothing sprouted . I would not recommend buying.. very disappointing"

1:57pm May 22/16
Mazar I Sharif - non feminised 10 seeds "2 packs of these beans only 4 sprouts......hopefully they are girls"

1:49pm May 22/16
Durban Poison 10 non feminized seeds "Utter BS. Everything I bought this year from ANCESTRAL is in full auto-flower mode. What this breeder has done is allowed a Ruderalis strain to pollinate their stock so you as the customer CAN"T clone it. VSB would be wise to drop this junk line from the website. They know, I sent them a pic"

12:49pm May 21/16
Chemo "6/10 were males that dropped balls in the first month. The other 4 never broke ground. I purchased these last year and kept them for this year. Seems like maybe I got a shit round. "

6:15pm May 19/16
Hindu Kush "First the service from VSB is great, had a mix-up in my order, and they took care of it right away...NO questions, unlike others I have ordered from. Plants look good, about 10" and growing strong. Can't wait to sex them. "

5:01pm May 17/16
Durban Poison 10 non feminized seeds "Hi there it's Ancestral just replying from the B.C. gulf islands. I'm sorry you had this experience with our seeds. If anyone has an experience like this please contact me directly at and I will do my best to rectify it. We work really hard to provide high quality genetics, and have generally had very positive feed back. The Durban Poison is definitely not an auto flower but may exhibit early flower signs under a variety of conditions. We welcome all feedback positive or negative, but in my experience I have noticed forums like this have limited potential for a constructive outcome, as there is no accountability for the source of the comments. Currently we don’t sell feminized seeds, so sorry if you were disappointed with the male to female ratio, but that is nature."

1:54pm May 12/16
Atomic Haze "atomic haze official stuff rite here great for breeding"

4:38am May 6/16
Durban Poison 10 non feminized seeds "Comment below this was clearly written by ANCESTRAL to respond to my review. Plants were not root bound, they auto-flowered in a 18 hour room. Buyer Beware"

1:28am May 4/16
Apricot Kush - 10 non feminized seeds "50% germ rate, 50% males, the remaining females autoflowered. This product is clearly labled "fast outdoor non fems" and they mixed up seeds again. I got a pack of outdoor Durban Poisen from this breeder at same time and they auto flowered as well. Word to the wise - Do not waste your money on seeds from the breeder ANCESTRAL"

1:23am May 4/16
Durban Poison 10 non feminized seeds "I had great success with this strain from Ancestral. (9 out of 11 germinated and 6 were female) Sometimes outdoor strains will auto flower when root bound, but these plants grew fast and big, and cropped out great indoors. Sweet sativa-ish fragrance........goodness"

11:48pm Apr 28/16
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