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Revolver Auto Flower Feminised 5 seeds per pack "I am very happy with the Revolver Seeds I bought from you. It's growing pretty healthy and they look gorgeous. Will order more soon from you guys!"

6:39am Sep 27/14
Candy Cane Auto Flower Feminized 5 seeds per pack "I used to not love autoflowering strains but this one and Early Miss changed my mind. I ordered 10 seeds of this with Early Miss and they've grown into awesome plants. I love the flavour of this strain the most."

8:04pm Sep 22/14
Early Miss Auto Flower Feminized 5 seeds per pack "This is my 3rd time growing this strain. All seeds germinated for me with no problem using the water soaking and paper towel method. This has impressed me since day 1. Quick flowering strain and my friend also ordered 10 seeds after I share a smoke with him. Really awesome!"

8:01pm Sep 22/14
White Widow Feminized 5 seeds per pack "I have been growing for years and have ordered seeds from different seedbanks from Amsterdam. Had very bad experience from the Ams seeds. Good thing I ordered White Widow in the country. I am growing indoors now and all seeds germinated and they are flowering now. Awesome company and breeder. Will order more. "

8:01am Sep 21/14
Blue AK-47 "Started with 10 seeds in paper towel method - all popped. Wound up with two males - discarded. Plants grew to 8' tall , and 5 ft. diameter, and with many red/purple flowers. Used Amino acids and Miracle grow to start. When they started to flower switched over to 10-45-30. with the fertilizers and trimming harvested 1 lb. per plant of super stone. - farmer Ed."

10:32pm Sep 18/14
Early Wonder Skunk

Indoor Mix

Outdoor Mix

Opium Poppy Blue Seeded (Breadseed)
Papaver somniferum v

Lophophora williamsii


Opium Poppy Red
Papaver somniferum

Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only

Jumbo Grizzly


Emerald Wonder

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