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Auto Jack feminized single seed "Smallest seed I have ever seen. My balcony buddy this summer. Grew in a pot, all natural light, south-west facing balcony. Topped out at 18" but still produced 48 grams of superior product. Be buying again next summer. Eager to try some of the other Auto Flower strains after such a good experience. Great support from VSB. More then happy to give me good advice to get my crop in. "

1:31pm Aug 29/14
Purple Kush "5 of the 10 seeds are currently flowering ladies...Tall and slender with plenty of buds. I know I will not yield as much as other more experienced growers but there will be enough herb to keep me in muffins for another year or two... purple is my favourite colour"

8:17pm Aug 20/14
Pineapple Chunk -feminized 5 seeds per pack "Unbelievable taste and high. Barney's has some of the most exotic smoke."

2:52pm Aug 18/14
Deep Purple Kush Single Feminized Seed "Great smoke. good yield. very frosty buds with a strong smell."

7:28am Aug 17/14
Afghani 6 seeds feminized "6 of 6 popped 1 never made it will update "

11:29pm Aug 11/14
Early Wonder Skunk

Indoor Mix

Outdoor Mix

Opium Poppy Blue Seeded (Breadseed)
Papaver somniferum v


Lophophora williamsii

Opium Poppy Red
Papaver somniferum

Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only

Jumbo Grizzly

God Bud

Blueberry Jam

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