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Ambrosia "So far got 10 out of ten sprouted in two days put in dirt and away they went. 12 days and three inches high already...stay tuned I i will be working this project all summer."

9:45am Jan 29/15
Animal Cookies "not sure of their problems with breeding these ,but all 12 seeds were either hermies or males . I would say that they may have lost true mom and used another feminized seed to replace her. Which brang across the linage of hermies . This is a breeder problem and not seller and being sly of not telling by breeder. They seem to show sings right from veg at per flower. sorry VSB I had to let people know but I do not blame you or any seller . "

1:27pm Jan 28/15
Afghani "I purchased these seeds for someone as a gift. It was their first grow and I wanted to get them something I knew would be easy to grow, compact and with good medicinal characteristics. I've always been a fan of Afghani offerings for medicinal use and the Afghani from JOTI did not disappoint!! Seed pop was RAPID! The phenotype was relatively homogeneous among all the plants started. The ladies really liked growing under lights in a soil based setup. Beautiful bud formation and one of them had delicious pink hairs mixed in with the reddish-brown. Thick bladed indica leaves... yum! On the aesthetics front this brought back memories of Dutch-based Afghani except I like JOTI's offering even more! Early samples taken described the taste as "fresh" and "clean" with a medicinal effect that doesn't start right away but when it comes on it makes you take notice! I am extremely satisfied. VSB and JOTI are for sure the "dynamic duo". VSB's customer service is second to none and in my opinion the quality of JOTI's Afghani is first rate. If you are a novice and looking for a strain for your first grow forget about whatever the "strain du jour" is that the magazines are touting as "ZOMG THIS IS TEH BESTEST EVAR!!!!". Add JOTI's Afghani to cart and be done. Even you veterans out there should pick this up! Highly recommended."

6:08pm Jan 24/15
Chunky Cheese " i started a purple haze by germinating in the dirt and that day the big chock..... arrived, i germinated them in paper towle's the seeds needed the water much needed they were a little dry but still you guys rock and they popped any seeds you order that may not look that nice may be be the blow your socks off strain needed for you don't read a book by its cover's any ways the big chocolate started sprouting the same time the purple haze sprouted wow nice genitics akakaka"

9:59pm Jan 23/15
Silver Surfer "This is GREAT weed !!! I grew Silver Surfer with no problems, it was very Resinous and very strong. smells good but hard to describe. everyone likes it. I will grow it again. I recommend Silver Surfer."

6:20pm Jan 4/15
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