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Blue Amnesia Haze "This one was a very weird one to figure out, the germinating went smoothly and got a great female count but when it came time to cloning her that's where we hit a wall. She just wouldn't root and the few that did were very wilted and lame looking. These ones need a good soak for at least 24 hrs then to be rooted with formulas. After figuring her out in that respect she became a great Mother producing very healthy strong rooted babies that grow fast and dark lush green. I only just flipped one of the mothers a couple weeks ago so I'll leave an update on yield and quality later.. As for recommending this strain, I wouldn't recommend for beginners as many Hazes I wouldn't. But if this ain't your first rodeo then try it out and see how awesome she can be. "

3:26pm Jul 6/15
Skunkberry "Well I got this one for the outdoor season since I love these strains on their own and haven't seen much good skunk in a while. All seeds germed and got 7 females of which I kept 3 as mothers. They are easy to clone and strong with very thick hearty branches and main stem. I flipped a few to see the flowers and what they'd do inside as well. Was quite pleased with the solid skunky frosty nugs it produced and am now awaiting to see what they'll look like outside. I have no complaints with this strain. And would recommend it, even for beginners. . "

2:59pm Jul 6/15
Lethal Purple "Out of 10 seed 3 got tails out of the 3 I got 3 very weak sprouts, out of the 3 sprouts 1 managed to pull through, it is now being sexed and if there are any weed gods out there it will be Fem!!! Plus I lost the jar so no refunds hahaha Damn I'm good! I will update on its ability to make babies if it turns out to be fem. But from a seed stand point, they don't seem to be very strong and quite finicky. So I wouldn't recommend this strain to beginners; from seed anyways."

2:48pm Jul 6/15
Outdoor Mix "Ordered these seeds along with "Early Miss" last year. Started seeds in April. 90% germinated, with five females and four males. Moved outside in May, just started to pre-flower as of time of review. Both Indica and Sativa strains, 3 Indica, 2 Sativa. First time grower. Thank you VSB. Plants are between 3-5ft and growing nicely! I will order these again, and again, and again!"

7:44pm Jul 3/15
Early Miss Auto Flower Feminized 5 seeds per pack "I am so plesently surprised! First attempt at growing, and astonished at results. From germinating to budding, exactly what was indicated. Germinated in April, moved outdoors in May long weekend, pre-flower in June, great looking buds(LARGE) at time of this review. Thanks VSB for all your info! Kudos...Kudos"

7:35pm Jul 3/15
Outdoor Mix "Low rating so far as the seeds are not germinating. Started 2 3 days ago and nothing yet. Started another 2 seeds this morning, so hopefully they will start to germinate soon! "

3:30pm Jun 24/15
Purple Kush "All ten seeds germinated within 24hrs super vigorous seedlings can't wait for finished product."

7:27pm Jun 20/15
God's Afghani - Single Seed Feminized "I picked up 2 of these , and within 12 hours both of these popped. They are vigorous and growing nicely, looking forward to the final product."

4:55pm Jun 15/15
Cheese "8 out 8 of these did not pop using the paper towel method that has never failed me before.. After 18 days these duds look just like they did on day one. Disappointing, I had high hopes for these. "

4:52pm Jun 15/15
Rene feminized "I tried Rene as it was substituted for a lost order but only one seed germinated (very weak growth as well)! In fact I would not accept this product as a substitute ever again? My other order for another product is moving forward with no problems. Service has proved excellent just disappointing that correct order was lost. Thank you."

11:56am Jun 14/15
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