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Toe Wiggler - 10 non feminized seeds "Any idea how many months from germination and month of finish in NA? "

6:13pm Aug 30/15
Sea Level "I grew it for four years. It does rot in early sept if you are not on it. Most people didn't like the look or taste although they did not complain about the power. As soon as one plant gets rot you just cut them all down...not bad as it is finished by Sept 7 when started May 1. I found like a sub-species came off after about three years and took about a week longer to finish but was heavier in weight and power and it didn't rot even when I left bottom branches sit until Oct 1 to get bigger."

4:26pm Aug 30/15
Dark Angel Feminized 5 seeds per pack "Anyone got a harvest date for this? It says 8 weeks to flower so mid sept or November...need to know."

4:15pm Aug 30/15
Aztec "i grew this plant looks very healthy results but i got males and only one female will make seeds for next time i geuss out of 10 all germinated "

1:24am Aug 27/15
Blue Hawaiian Sativa - Single Seed Feminized "I wana upload à pic but cant thé plants is à monster "

2:42pm Aug 18/15
Sour Diesel x Deep Chunk "thank you again i started three of these babies 5 days ago and yup they are already up, i got a ten pack in two weeks ago maybe a little less 6 days ago i papper towled them for 24 hours then planted in pro mix like always and within 5 dyas they are up thanks cannacopia and vsb every time i have a 95 percent succes rate all the haters out there can go home thank you much love from 20 chromosomes"

10:47am Aug 10/15
C99 x Deep Chunk "i think you guys are hating i got 10 chunky cheese and 10 big chocolate and got all females so i dont know what you guys did i love cannacopia"

6:46pm Jul 29/15
Sour Diesel x Deep Chunk "thank you vsb for looking out for the people, i hope this strain is what i was lookin for "

4:19pm Jul 29/15
Coca Leaf 3x Concentrated Powder 70g "I Bought the 70g's x3 when these coca leaf products were first dropped and got my package in short order (less than a week) made tea but this is difficult and so hard to strain powder like that, best as quid. this is how a guy could do it, Cut with baking soda and take a pinch of the leaf powder dump them 2 inside a coffee filter mix then fold a guys coffee filter so as no powder escaped a guy should chew that package gently, and profit? a guys got a descent buzz and numb gums.:) $150 tho! I wont/cant buy these products cause they so expensive and Honestly gotta say my 70g's are quality, got what i paid for. this products got my 5/5 Cheers the guy ;)"

4:44pm Jul 25/15
Blueberry "7/F sprouted,strong growth,perfect for SOG.3/M crossing with Swazi gold,third grow,awesome smoke.Blueberry/swazi and swazi mix are my only grows.Give this strain a 10+."

2:32pm Jul 23/15
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