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Skunkberry "Smell and flavor wasn't very strong and it was prone to hermaphrodite. I'm experienced enough to know that these genetic haven't been stabilized. I've grown feminized seeds that have been more stable. One would expect male/female seeds to be more stable than feminized, but this was not the case for the phenotype I chose, most closely resembling skunk+berry. I've tried you twice, not sure I'll try your seeds again, even though I love the genetics you work with!! "

3:46am Sep 13/14
Blue God "I agree with Texas. I kept one that resembles God and Another that takes after Blueberry. I'm giving two stars because the look, smell, flavor. But both phenotypes finish very early for me, like day 40 and they are prone to bud rot, even while keeping room humidity at 45%. That's why I've needed to cut them down early. Love your enthusiasm J to the Islands, but the two strains I've tried of your haven't seemed mastered. The other strain I tried was Skunkberry and it was hermaphrodite prone. "

3:40am Sep 13/14
Romulan - Single Seed Feminized "I used the VSB method of germination using distilled water. First seed only cracked but no taproot ever emerged. Second replacement seed cracked with tiny taproot but shrivelled up after a while. All of the 707 headband that I ordered at the same time have popped and are healthy, as have all the other seeds I have ever ordered from VSB, so I am sure I did everything right. It seems they are sold out so I can't even pay to still have a chance to obtain these genetics; it's heartbreaking. This was the first time for me trying feminized seeds, not sure if they are worth trying again. I have successfully popped many seed strains from VSB so I am pretty confident in my ability. Nothing you can do about bad luck. Still a big fan of VSB but I don't know what to say about these Romulan beans; they seem very weak."

7:55am Sep 11/14
B.C. Kush - Feminized 6 seeds per pack "all 6 are very health looking and are in early bloom "

2:52am Sep 8/14
Auto Jack feminized single seed "Smallest seed I have ever seen. My balcony buddy this summer. Grew in a pot, all natural light, south-west facing balcony. Topped out at 18" but still produced 48 grams of superior product. Be buying again next summer. Eager to try some of the other Auto Flower strains after such a good experience. Great support from VSB. More then happy to give me good advice to get my crop in. "

1:31pm Aug 29/14
Early Wonder Skunk

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Outdoor Mix

Opium Poppy Blue Seeded (Breadseed)
Papaver somniferum v

Lophophora williamsii

Opium Poppy Red
Papaver somniferum

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Emerald Wonder

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