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Blue God "to the previous review, be sure to use a thermometer that records highs and lows of relative humidity lights on and lights off. I have had problems with god lemon skunk, but it was my fault so I would never blame the breeder. 45% humidity is very high for super dense nugs like Jordans stuff. BTW, I have grown a lot of strain from jordan... and reordered the same strains many times over, always super frosty, super fragrant, and super potent, never lets me down."

12:01am Apr 21/15
Gods Northern Lights - Single Seed Feminized "Update on my review below.This girl went from meh to omfg in two days.Despite being too tall for my small room setup and having to bend it over and some resulting foxtailing the main cola is 18" and 11" in girth and about 12 8-10 inchers and tons of good size ones on lower branches.It has to come down early as everybody else is done so its looking like a 9 weeker but I am happy with the results so far.Awesome yeilder."

3:05am Apr 10/15
White Widow - 5 Seeds per pack Feminized "This is a good strain. Very stable with tight node structure and can be fed moderately. This plant will grow tall if you're not careful. During flowering, I found this plant gave-off a heavy aroma. It smelled of good old cannabis - the original kind. It produced some nice buds. Sticky but not rock hard like 'White Rhino'. Good job!"

10:14am Apr 9/15
Hindu Kush "This is a good strain, although many hybrids are much more potent. However, this strain is very stable. Node structure is not too tight, allowing for nice growth. This strain is a bit sensitive to fertilizers, so beware, no heavy feedings. In flowering there isn't a plant that smells as sweet as this one. It produces rock-hard buds, that are sticky and gooey. Nice job!"

10:07am Apr 9/15
Lemon Rose "I got lucky when I ordered a pack of 'Indoor Mix' and this plant grew out of the bunch. It's a fairly stable genetic with a tight node structure. The plant will stay pretty short but does stretch just before it starts flowering. That's my hickup. I wasn't expecting an auto-flowering strain, so at first I wasn't sure what was going on - mid-July and it was budding. I experienced a bit of bud rot with this strain, but I could have let it go to long. The buds were nice and sticky and spurted rosy-ish hairs. Like nothing I had ever seen before. Nice work. "

10:01am Apr 9/15
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