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Purple Bubba Kush Single Seed "The replacement seeds germed in under 36 hours. All 3 are doing well. Thanks to VSB for the extra free seed as comp.. "

1:13pm Mar 30/15
Sweet Skunk x Jack 10 seeds non feminised "This is an amazing, resilient, wonderful strain! Handles stress very well, early bud development like an indica but huge plant with thin leaves like a sativa. Don't veg this one longer than 4 weeks it's a monster! Smells just like a cheese strain. "

10:28pm Mar 29/15
Opium Poppy Red
Papaver somniferum
"Tried germinating these in several different ways last year, none of which worked. Have had success since then with other somniferum seeds, so I think there's a problem with these."

8:56pm Mar 29/15
Bergamot "Ordered these season before last and got Evening Primrose instead. Seeds grew, but was disappointed that it was the wrong plant."

8:52pm Mar 29/15
Outdoor Mix "9 out of 10, but the tenth was not visually viable... so check it "

4:08pm Mar 26/15
Early Wonder Skunk

Indoor Mix

Outdoor Mix


Lophophora williamsii

Opium Poppy Red
Papaver somniferum

Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only

God Bud


Emerald Wonder

Blue Mountain Jamaican

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