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Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only "Listen people: there is absolutely no problem with this product/method. I have tried numerous strains and have had great results from all. Probably the biggest issue is keeping a sterile working environment (and following the instructions to the letter). Don't take shortcuts and you will have many happy trips. PEACE"

6:36pm Nov 28/15
Opium Poppy- Mixed Colors
Papaver somniferum
"Thanks Vancouver Seed bank! Order got to me even in this backwater nosey ass state I live in... Thanks for the freedom Canada! "

12:47pm Nov 21/15
707 Headband - 12 Seeds non-feminized "8 / 12 sprouted and are looking very healthy. Ferts: molasses, earth juice & fish emulsion for veg, Tiger Bloom, Bat guano earth worm castings 2000w @16.5 hrs blazing away they seem to dig it. will update when in Bloom & harvest"

4:20am Nov 20/15
Betty Warp "Big buds in the shade!! I've grown outdoor before but always with poor results. The Betty Warp blew away anything I have tried in the past. Great smoke too!"

3:57pm Nov 12/15
Purple Papaya "This is the nicest bud i have ever smoked/grown. It has a sweet fragrance with a spicy kick. I actually got 11 seeds for the price of 10 and all of them sprouted out of the soil by day 5. Vigorous plants with good mold resistance."

3:55pm Nov 12/15
Mazar I Sharif - non feminised 10 seeds "It is usually ready between third week of October for first harvest, as in cut the tops off. Then the rest of the plant fills up and is ready around second week of November. There is a confusion of the flowering time because in it's original habitat is ready dec/jan..but their seasons are different than ours over here in Canada. It indeed does thrive in cold. Very little mold and it has to rain for days, even then it's really not an issue. Snowy crystal effect even on the leaves. A very tough plant."

5:29pm Nov 6/15
California Orange "these plants are easy to grow and all go purple indoor there not done yet but they smell amazing and the yield is fair thanks"

5:45am Nov 1/15
Jordan's Mix "All sprouted and four were female. One is a great hybrid that stunk up the whole neighbourhood, yielded 46g . The other three were a beautiful dark purple and yielded about 30 g per plant. Good mix. "

12:47pm Oct 26/15
Blue AK-47 "I have grow this strain in the past and found it to be a great producer. However of the 10 I ordered from VSB 8 sprouted, and of those 8, 7 were male. Disappointing. The one that was female was beautiful and yielded 56g. A 10% success rate is not the best."

12:42pm Oct 26/15
The Purp "Re: cola colors most likely wont Purple with Canadian/BC climates with mid Oct being 16-20deg. 88-100%hmty. -here's to hoping tho! -cheers "

5:28pm Oct 8/15
Outdoor Mix

Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only

Blueberry Jam

Morning Glory
Ipomoea violacea

Atomic Haze

Atomic Northern Lights


Oh God - O.G. Kush x God Bud

Blue God

Mushroom Kits - available in Canada Only


Blue City Diesel

Lemon Skunk

Deep Purple - Blueberry x Purple Kush

Hash Plant

Opium Poppy- Mixed Colors
Papaver somniferum

Sea Level

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