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Afghani 6 seeds feminized "update from Aug 11, 2014 with all the mixed reviews mine only has days left and the colas are rock hard 3 in. dia. and 8 in long and sticky as can be. the pics on web site don't come close to what mine looks like in size. grown in rockwool , gh flora series advanced feeding scedule. and also have the grapefruit and bc kush that is off the charts in size will update on smoke and flavor in about 4 weeks after curing"

4:24pm Oct 26/14
Jean Guy 6 seeds feminized "I heard it was a cross skunk#1 x White widow"

11:04pm Oct 9/14
Early Wonder Skunk
"Had two of these girls in a greenhouse...they were small but hardy...left them to their own devices other than some water and a little miracle gro here and there. Nice smoke, would buy again.. Had a third plant that grew to about 8" and my dog broke it off. Put it in some rooting compound and replanted her...she never grew another inch, but right on schedule went into bud. She is almost ready to harvest, the little plant that could........"

11:42am Oct 8/14
Candy Cane Auto Flower Feminized 5 seeds per pack "I really wanted to give this one a great rating but unfortunately I did not get one plant out of five seeds....I even gave one seed to a grower friend. He got the seed to sprout, but the plant just died. I had the same experience with 2 others, and 2 did not sprout at all. I did grow some other plants successfully, using all the same methods, not sure what happened, but I was so disappointed and what a waste of a good $75."

11:25am Oct 8/14
Jordan's Mix "You want genetics this is it, what a deal at the VSB. Hadn't grown for 30 years now I've got THE KIND!!!!! 9 of 20 and VSB gave me a discount for the next batch, YES!!!!"

8:08pm Oct 7/14
Early Wonder Skunk

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