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Indica Diablo "I started 5 of these in early November so they are growing well however in spite of being on a 18 and 6 light cycle they started flowering. Makes me wonder if the seeds I got were an autoflowering strain. They are nice compact plants! I'd give this a 5 if they had not flowered on their own and allowed me to grow them slightly large."

10:56pm Jan 20/16
God's White Lightning "OOPS...CORRECTION 9/10 seeds germinated........"

7:47pm Jan 1/16
God's White Lightning "19/10 seeds germinated with in 48 hours. Huge tails. "

7:46pm Jan 1/16
Manitoba Poison "Germinated 4 plates of seeds in the same place. All other seeds germinated with in 24 hrs. These have been there for 2 weeks and a day. NOTHING. Not even a crack in the seeds. Disappointed. "

7:44pm Jan 1/16
GG #1 (Formerly known as Afghani) 6 seeds feminized "100% germination. 100% sprouted seedlings. "

7:43pm Jan 1/16
Hash Plant "100% germination. all have sprouted. waiting to see male to female ratio "

7:41pm Jan 1/16
God Bud "This was a pleasure to grow. It stayed short with tight nodes and grew lush dark green leaves that later turned into dark purple. Very stable genetics. It smells a lot when it's growing. You don't want too many of these in your personal garden. It finished at about 8 weeks (outdoors - late September, early October). The high is Indica heavy. This will give you couchlock if you smoke too much. A good strain when you just want to relax. It's a very tasty strain. You'll mostly taste the skunk, but with a hint of floral. So far, every "Jordan of the Islands" strain that I've grown out, I have really like. Great work!"

1:45pm Dec 17/15
Digweed - 6 Seeds Feminized "Unstabble genetics. Unfriendly to the cloning process. This strain will not finish by September - late October at best. Doesn't smell too much, good personal garden plant. Nice Indica high, with a Sativa kick. Motivational and won't cause couchlock. The flavour is sort of sweet. Pretty good, just wish this strain was a bit more stable and clone-friendly. Of three clones, two hermied and one flowered."

1:37pm Dec 17/15
Barbara Bud - Feminized 6 seeds per pack "Got bb from Eden yesterday, very disappointed. Weed wouldn't stay lit and burned black, so it wasnt " flushed properly. High was nice but didn't last long. Wouldn't recommend this product"

1:22am Dec 16/15
Barbara Bud - Feminized 6 seeds per pack "Not 7 weeks , 12"

5:37pm Dec 14/15
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Ipomoea violacea

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Skunkberry - 10 seeds non feminized

Oh God - O.G. Kush x God Bud

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Opium Poppy- Mixed Colors
Papaver somniferum

Hash Plant

Bunker Bud

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