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Mental Floss "Purchased 10 non-fem seeds from VSB last summer, planted them right after Labor Day and cropped out in mid-December. Of the 10, 8 germinated and 3 turned out to be boys, then two hermied (my bad I think). So that left me with 3 girls making it to harvest. Definitely got the sativa-dominant pheno - they were tall and spindly with thin leaves. No funky leaf colors, just green. Turned out beautiful plants over 5 ft high. I only topped once. The grow aroma was like walking into a working diner below street level and getting smells of coffee, toast and maybe stinky leather shoes. Someone is having sardines or vegemite on their toast. Verry pleasant. Also not too intense, but then I usually find with indoor hydro. Total yield was 7 oz of bud and 2 oz of ethanoil made from all the leftovers. The scissor hash was simply awesome. The ethanoil turned out about half as trippy as the previous batch I made using a different strain. The bud is light and fluffy - tons of red hairs and plain hairs covered in resin. The 'mystery dad' for this strain is supposedly Cotton Candy; nicely describes it. The hairiness of the bud has good bag appeal. But what this strain was truly invented for was to be God's gift to hash makers. Have never seen my pollen trap fill up this quick! And the hash tastes great too. I dropped a drop of honey oil in the pollen trap and let it roll around in the kief for awhile and that made a super hashlike ball that smoked great and blew my mind. The effect is a gradually-building sativa high followed by a pleasant relaxing indica high. The effect is not as strong as others but is pretty much on par with what's commercially available in the stores in my neighboring state where its legal. Effect duration is typical. Been going hard since xmas and am totally saturated, but it always manages to burn through my tol. Smoke is not too stinky but again its indoor hydro. Overall I think Mental Floss is great for making quality hash, not so great but ok for bud, average impact and maybe slightly below average production. - Green Treefrog "

8:33pm Feb 28/15
West Coast Sour Diesel "Very potent strain, reminds me of a head band with a bit of different smell and taste but similar high. Definitely kush under tones with very deep smell and taste. I had all the seeds root and fairly easy to grow but the more experienced grower will be rewarded with more quantity and quality. It will take a heavy feeding or a light feeding but likes the perfect amount, the pheno I kept lover an extra 50 ml of grow till week six (general hydroponic). A couple different phenos in the pack all similar just diffrent heights and under tones, but easy to find a keeper mother. The plant is not the easiest to root but under good conditions you see them in 8 days on average. Very high quality, nearly the best, huge yield of sugar coated rocks. Very heady uplifted stone that keeps you smoking and going all day, 20% thc or more."

1:44pm Feb 26/15
Ambrosia "WOW...Now 37 days and my ten ambrosia plants are 18 to 20 inches tall...on 12 hr sched four male showed himself in two days and little preflowers are showing on three of which was sprayed with silver nitrate to get me some fem seeds Gonna do one female male union blessed by the Great Mgyerwaslam (3) rest fem. These things have huge broad leaves and cover over a sq foot already. orig post jan 29"

5:31am Feb 24/15
Grape God - Single Seed Feminized "I recently had the pleasure of growing this monster strain. High yield! Hard buds, potent medical grade smoke that stands up to its description. ~ COUCH LOCK IS INEVITABLE ~ Great evening and bedtime strain but I don't touch it on days I need to accomplish anything lol If I was to rate this strain it would be a 10 !!"

10:09pm Feb 19/15
Atomic Shiva " I Grew This Strain On My 2nd Through 8th Grow,Why I Quit Growing It,I'll Never Know.But I Hope These Genetics Are Really TRUE DR ATOMIC SHIVA I Remember,Cause If It Is,I Am Certainly Stoked.I Am Now On My 25th Grow,Over Tha Last 25 Years,I Grow Outdoors In Mendocino County, Northern California.Way Out In The BOONDOCKS.All Natural,The Light Being The Unadulterated Sunshine.I Stay Legal And Only Grow My Alotted 25 Plant,But I Get At Least 3-8 Off Of My Plants, Depending On Strain,And Placement In Garden!!! I Have Learned Alot In The Last 25 Years,And One Of Those Things Is That Dr.Atomic Has Always Stoked Me On His Genetics, The Shiva,The Used To Be(HOW I MISS HER) Dr. Atomic Skunk,Another One I REALLY Miss Is Dr. Atomic Bubblelicious,At Least He Still Has Atomic Haze,Which I Took To A Club In Hollywood,And Gave Out A Few Vapes To People,They Said It Was One Of Their Top Flavors Ever,I Was Bemused, By This,Cause I Had Never Vaped Before,So They Talked Me Into Vaping The Atomic Haze,And The Taste Was Delectable,The High Incredible!!! Has Anyone Out There Grown Atomic Haze Out Or In,And Got The Crazy Mutant Branch,That Is Actually Two Branches Melded Together On Their Own??? I Had NOTHING To Do With It,So I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Else Has Experienced This?!?! I Miss The Atomic Afghan As Well.Please Bring Back Some Of Your Earlier BOMB STRAINS,I MISS THEM,The Only Atomic Strain I Have Ever Had Trouble With(AND IT IS MY FAULT) Is His Northern Light,I Should Have Known I Did Not Have Time In The Season To Bring Them To Fruition,Bad Mistake On MY PART,Hopw It Never Happens To You.BTW DR.ATOMIC,We Used To Converse With One Another Over The E-Mail,If You Still Have Me Drop Me A Line,I Have Dropped You Several,With No Answer In About A Year,Makes Me Think You Do Not Want To Talk,Or You Changed Your Address,I Give Vancouver Seed Bank Permission To Give You My E-Mail Address,Lets Reconnect Man!!!SINCERELY,JAMES M SCROGGINS II. "

7:57pm Feb 17/15
Early Wonder Skunk

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