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C99 x Deep Chunk "i think you guys are hating i got 10 chunky cheese and 10 big chocolate and got all females so i dont know what you guys did i love cannacopia"

6:46pm Jul 29/15
Sour Diesel x Deep Chunk "thank you vsb for looking out for the people, i hope this strain is what i was lookin for "

4:19pm Jul 29/15
Coca Leaf 3x Concentrated Powder 70g "I Bought the 70g's x3 when these coca leaf products were first dropped and got my package in short order (less than a week) made tea but this is difficult and so hard to strain powder like that, best as quid. this is how a guy could do it, Cut with baking soda and take a pinch of the leaf powder dump them 2 inside a coffee filter mix then fold a guys coffee filter so as no powder escaped a guy should chew that package gently, and profit? a guys got a descent buzz and numb gums.:) $150 tho! I wont/cant buy these products cause they so expensive and Honestly gotta say my 70g's are quality, got what i paid for. this products got my 5/5 Cheers the guy ;)"

4:44pm Jul 25/15
Blueberry "7/F sprouted,strong growth,perfect for SOG.3/M crossing with Swazi gold,third grow,awesome smoke.Blueberry/swazi and swazi mix are my only grows.Give this strain a 10+."

2:32pm Jul 23/15
Solar Mix "Out of 10 seed 8 sprouted but no females wtf I do not recommended no one to buy them"

4:52pm Jul 17/15
Lemon Skunk "I Bought Lemon Skunk Seeds in 2012, and Really Happy with the Incredible Quality. All 10 Seeds Sprouted, 4 were Females which is Good Enough for me. Anyways, with Hydroponics + CO2 these plants Grew Faster than Ever. 3 weeks Veg + 8 weeks Bud, average was Quarter Pound per Plant. The Buds Are Super Solid, nice light green and super frosty. The Smoke is Lemony and Expands in your Lungs Super Fast. The Smell is Really Pungent and can be difficult to transport. I was carrying half pound, double ziplocked bags and you could smell me from 10-15 ft away. When I enter a room with Lemon Skunk, Everyone Notice Smell Instantly like a Slap in the Face. Anyways, I haven't found nicer quality in ages, so I'm going to pick up more Lemon Skunk seeds today for new grow room I set up. If you like to see pics of my grow rooms etc, visit my website."

3:52pm Jul 15/15
Northern Lights - feminized single seed "cant find any pics or information on this strain by (next generation) anywhere!, can some one help me find a link or have any info."

6:11pm Jul 12/15
Blue Amnesia Haze "This one was a very weird one to figure out, the germinating went smoothly and got a great female count but when it came time to cloning her that's where we hit a wall. She just wouldn't root and the few that did were very wilted and lame looking. These ones need a good soak for at least 24 hrs then to be rooted with formulas. After figuring her out in that respect she became a great Mother producing very healthy strong rooted babies that grow fast and dark lush green. I only just flipped one of the mothers a couple weeks ago so I'll leave an update on yield and quality later.. As for recommending this strain, I wouldn't recommend for beginners as many Hazes I wouldn't. But if this ain't your first rodeo then try it out and see how awesome she can be. "

3:26pm Jul 6/15
Skunkberry "Well I got this one for the outdoor season since I love these strains on their own and haven't seen much good skunk in a while. All seeds germed and got 7 females of which I kept 3 as mothers. They are easy to clone and strong with very thick hearty branches and main stem. I flipped a few to see the flowers and what they'd do inside as well. Was quite pleased with the solid skunky frosty nugs it produced and am now awaiting to see what they'll look like outside. I have no complaints with this strain. And would recommend it, even for beginners. . "

2:59pm Jul 6/15
Lethal Purple "Out of 10 seed 3 got tails out of the 3 I got 3 very weak sprouts, out of the 3 sprouts 1 managed to pull through, it is now being sexed and if there are any weed gods out there it will be Fem!!! Plus I lost the jar so no refunds hahaha Damn I'm good! I will update on its ability to make babies if it turns out to be fem. But from a seed stand point, they don't seem to be very strong and quite finicky. So I wouldn't recommend this strain to beginners; from seed anyways."

2:48pm Jul 6/15
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