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Mountain Bud non feminized 10 seeds per pack "Out of 10 seeds I bought just recently only 2 of them germinated. Not happy about that being as I am a cancer patient and I have to grow my own due to financial reasons. I am disappointed :( "

10:29am May 20/15
Atomic Shiva "All ten seeds sprouted, 9 are growing like, weeds! Growing in coco/ perlite. Hoping for a high percentage of ladies. "

7:35pm May 18/15
Lophophora williamsii "All seeds germinated and are little green balls. About a month out. I had kept the seeds for a few months in the original container from VSB before germinating with the method on their page. Worked perfectly. I don't know why but I have 9 baby cacti. Even though they gave me 8 seeds. Excellent delivery and product quality!"

12:59pm May 12/15
Northern Lights - feminized single seed "Finally received the seeds after a long long wait about a month and a half. They sprouted after 24 hours planted them one sprouted and one died the one that lived grew pretty fast for a few days and it looked really nice but my led lights killed it because they were too strong. I would recommend Vancouver seed bank. Take meticulous care of them if you are going to invest. I only wanted to try this anyway in the future i would use my own seeds from kush."

4:16pm May 5/15
Lethal Purple "3 seeds germinated out of 10 SHITTY....just planted I'll let you know if they turn out female"

2:50pm May 4/15
Indoor Mix

Opium Poppy Red
Papaver somniferum

Lophophora williamsii

Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only

Morning Glory
Ipomoea violacea

Atomic Haze


Oh God - O.G. Kush x God Bud

Mushroom Kits - available in Canada Only

Lemon Skunk

Thai Lights


Blue City Diesel

Tobacco Havana
nicotiana tabacum

Wild Dagga (Lion's Ear
Leonotis leonurus

Purple Kush

Wheat Grass

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