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Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only "received red boy spore syringe they were not psychadelic "

5:00pm Nov 18/14
Chemo "The first couple seeds |I started to early indoors and they grew too spindly, overall I think maybe two seeds did not sprout but they grew very well outside with very low odour. One male came up although when i cloned it just to try it seems to have become a female, not certain if this is possible or not. It was a really hot summer in the okanagan but when it cooled off the plants did great and a really nice smoke. Very pleased for my first time."

9:17pm Nov 3/14
B.C. Kush - Feminized 6 seeds per pack "very good smoke, taste and very strong odor. rock hard buds with a very good yield. glad to have it in the states."

1:33am Nov 2/14
Deep Purple Kush Single Feminized Seed "update very good smoke, taste, and smell. rock hard crystal buds. very good yield "

1:29am Nov 2/14
Candy Cane Auto Flower Feminized 5 seeds per pack "Update to my rating below...although I had trouble with these seeds, VSB has provided great support and cheerfully replaced them. This is outstanding customer service! Can hardly wait to try again! Thanks VSB!"

9:17pm Nov 1/14
Indoor Mix

Opium Poppy Blue Seeded (Breadseed)
Papaver somniferum v

Outdoor Mix

Opium Poppy Red
Papaver somniferum

Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only

Jumbo Grizzly

Emerald Wonder



Morning Glory
Ipomoea violacea

Rainbow Skunk

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