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'Grabba'  Jamaican Tobacco

  'Grabba' Jamaican Tobacco

These seeds are wildcrafted directly from the beautiful, lush mountain sides in the Parish of St. Ann. "Grabba" is a general Jamaican term for raw, home-grown tobacco. This is the best strain of tobacco I could find on the island. It is a popular variety amongst the locals. Easy to grow!

You'll get 0.25g of seed, which is thousands! Plenty to start and keep this strain for life.

Price: $4.50

Manufacturer: VSB

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"Tobacco is very easy to grow, I used jiffy pots and a tray with a humidity dome under a small fluorescent light. Plant seed as thin as possible, a few weeks later you can thin replanting the ones you pull and watch them out grow the undisturbed seedlings. Top to get multiple harvest, severed top roots easily. Seed pod turns brown when ripe for picking and 1 pod probably has 10-20 thousand tiny seeds. Plants can be over wintered but they don't do very much and do drink a lot. Curing is a learning experience, use mint or camomile to add flavour to smoke or chew. Quality seed thanx vsb "

5:43am Feb 24/14
"6-8 main leaves before the seed pod forms. Cures yellow I assume it is for cigarettes. Attracts mites and caterpillars like crazy but continues to grow vigorous. Grows up to 2 feet tall in one gallon pots using sunshine 4. Suckers do not pop out till on 6-8 main leaves and are easy to remove. Not using fertilizers. Topping all the plants but saving one for seeds. Awesome experience to grow!"

7:44am Jul 29/13
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