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Blue God

Blue God


Mostly Indica. God Bud x Blueberry. Short, dense, bushy. Buds are big
& hard. Thick dark leaves. Full berry flavour.

Height 3-4 ft indoors, 8-12 out.
Flowering time 8 wks. Yield 4-8 oz in, 8-16 oz out.
Harvest outdoor early-Oct.

10 Seeds per pack

Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: Jordan of the Islands



"to the previous review, be sure to use a thermometer that records highs and lows of relative humidity lights on and lights off. I have had problems with god lemon skunk, but it was my fault so I would never blame the breeder. 45% humidity is very high for super dense nugs like Jordans stuff. BTW, I have grown a lot of strain from jordan... and reordered the same strains many times over, always super frosty, super fragrant, and super potent, never lets me down."

12:01am Apr 21/15
"I agree with Texas. I kept one that resembles God and Another that takes after Blueberry. I'm giving two stars because the look, smell, flavor. But both phenotypes finish very early for me, like day 40 and they are prone to bud rot, even while keeping room humidity at 45%. That's why I've needed to cut them down early. Love your enthusiasm J to the Islands, but the two strains I've tried of your haven't seemed mastered. The other strain I tried was Skunkberry and it was hermaphrodite prone. "

3:40am Sep 13/14
"Hi again everybody ! This is my 2nd generation of inbreeding of this strain indoors. Now I have an hydroponic system (I.e. 4’’ rockwool, 2’X4’ table in a tent) 100% germination rate (32 out of 32). 15-17 spaces free with my set-up. I’ve got all the good stuff, I.e. : Big Bud, Overdrive, H2O2, SM-90, B52, Super Thrive, Carbo Load, Sensi-Zym, Fulvic acid, Humic acid, etc… I don’t have a CO2 geneartor, but I’m positive ! Right ? (And I know it’s the next step). I have 650 watts in the tent: 250 HPS + 400 MH. I use only the 400 MH for growth in the beginning, and 650 watts during bloom. I use Jiffy to start the seedlings, because I can’t imagine using rockwool for that (too artificial). 11 days of veg and, I hope, 7-8 weeks of flowering. Started with 650 ppm for veg, but not enough, because of sign of deficiency of micronutrients and calcium/magnesium (spots on leafs, 1 plant out of 4). Next time 800 ppm with lots of micronutrients. Ok, ok, I’m still learning… God Bud is easy to grow. ORDIMAN QC"

7:49pm Apr 18/14
"Strain was a little unstable, about 50% turned out like God Bud and 50% turned out like Blueberry. Both tasted great with the Blueberry looking one's having the better flavor. Nice high on both decent yield and did well for outdoors in Central Texas summer heat, Would have been much happier and given a 5 rating if had more of a true Blue God feel instead of 2 different strain. Non Fem and out of 10 seeds had 6 girls. Worth a go IMO but would be even better if was a little more stable. (could be the heat in my location to be fair not sure)"

10:48pm Oct 7/13
"Excited to start this one!"

6:57pm Oct 12/12
"This is my first generation of inbreeding of this strain indoors. I made about 200 seeds from an exceptional original Blue God male (pollen ready in just 21 days of flowering!) with a very resinous, dark, sweet, hashy/fruity smelling female. I have a 250 HPS bulb set-up in a closet with 4 litres pots with ordinary soil. I harvest 4 females in my garden every month. So here’s the thing, each plant gives me about 10 to 13 grams each time, but 1 of the 4 is amazingly BIG, twice as ordinary. Another thing, when I germinate about 20 seeds, there’s always 1 seed amazingly vigorous. A keeper… The growing side now. It is said that God Bud and Blueberry needs 8 weeks of flowering to achieve full ripening. With my set-up, it needs 12 weeks, flat. Remember, I don’t have a 1000 watts, super hydro-gonzo growing system, cosmic nutrients and a person smoking in my grow room to produce CO2. So my plants are still gaining weight, even in week 10 and 11. This is not a bad review. This strain is too good. My friends know me for having good weed, and I amaze them with the quick buzz and particular taste of Blue God. I’m the wizard. (Yeah baby!) I would like to add a photo to my review, …if it was possible. "

3:32pm Sep 18/12
"very vigorous growth. clones rooted well within 10 days. great for 3 + per sf give them at least 9 weeks. ours seemed to be predominantly god buz and flavour, the hybrid cross did make for better growth than a blueberry or god pure genetics"

11:05am Sep 2/08
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