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Fava Bean Sweet Lorane

Fava Bean Sweet Lorane

CERTIFIED ORGANIC! The Fava Bean, also known as faba bean, horse bean and broad bean, was the only bean known in Europe until the discovery of the New World. Fava Beans have been used in Chinese cooking for at least 5,000 years. In fact, the cultivation of Fava Beans is so old that there is no known wild form of this bean. This small-seeded fava, Our Sweet Lorane fava beans, have good flavour and cold hardiness.This particular "fava" is also an excellent nitrogen fixer and cover crop when planted in the fall. Hard brown little seeds are the size of a large green pea. Flowers are fragrant. To eat, the tough skinned dried Fava Beans must be soaked overnight before usage. Fava Beans are often served as a puree or on its own. Mash cooked Fava Beans and mix with olive oil, garlic, and chopped jalapeno.

Matures in 90-140 days.

10 g per pack

Price: $1.50

Manufacturer: West Coast Seeds



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