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Opium Poppy Blue Seeded (Breadseed) <br>Papaver somniferum v

  Opium Poppy Blue Seeded (Breadseed)
Papaver somniferum v

The Breadseed Poppy is a hardy annual, surviving cool and frosty temperatures, but also growing well in warm humid areas. Plants are sensitive to freezes and blooming flowers sensitive to frost.

Grow as an annual, although plants will overwinter in warmer areas and bloom during the following spring and summer. Grow in full sun. Plants usually grow to 2-3ft.

This species also yields the poppy seed that is used in baking.

Lightly sprinkle seeds onto loosely packed, slightly acidic soil (half all purpose potting soil and half cactus soil) and put absolute barest amount of soil on top. Mist soil with spray water bottle. Seeds germinate from 4 days to 3 weeks. Grows in partial shade.

0.5g - Approx. 100 Seeds per pack

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Price: $3.50

Manufacturer: Richter's

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