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10 seeds non-feminized

Big dark indica leaves, sturdy stem, and high yield are the characteristics of this strain. It features a short, compact growth pattern.

A short and compact Indica with a high yield! Great for Indoors or Out! Big dark Indica leaves, sturdy stem, and high yield are the characteristics of this strain. Short, compact growth pattern.

The all-Indica strain, Afghani #1 marijuana is a combination of Sensi Seeds' best Indica strains. This strain is for serious Indica-lovers, those that don't even like a hint of Skunk or Sativa in their medicine. Afghani #1 medicinal cannabis plants grow fast, compact and heavy. She exemplifies the characteristics that people search for so diligently in Indica strains. This powerful marijuana strain is a meshing of genetic elements yielded by Indicas throughout India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other regions that make it the prime example of what the term "Afghanica" means.


2-3 ft.

45-55 Days


Price: $50.00

Manufacturer: Jordan of the Islands



"Grew outdoors last season. Germinated 10 of 10, Jordan is the king of good product. Unfortunately just about the same time it was too late to plant more outdoor plants, my healthy plants developed balls. I had 10 beautiful males, all useless. Try again this year with a different strain."

9:52am May 12/13
"Excellent plant, strong, very bushy and high producer. Out of 100 seeds I ended up with 75 beautiful females. which produced 167 lbs finished medical herb and 2.5 lbs washmechine hash. scale of 1 to 5 I'd have to say a 4 over all for buzz, taste and looks."

1:03am Feb 6/13
"Can I plz get some 'medicinal input?!?' Like, is it an Indica 2x4 to the back of your head?!!? Or just a good meditation??? Out of whoz tried it, any repeaters?!!? May 'Mother' bless you for your input!!! Then I personally thank u for sharing!!!! Peace out ~ 😊"

3:10pm Aug 20/12
"I started 10 seeds 10 sprouted and 9 are almost ready to flower after 4 weeks of veg under 600 w mh and co2 enrichment. Just switched to hps and getting ready to get the goods!!!"

9:44am Mar 31/11
"All 10 seeds sprouted in a day. By the next day they were pusing through the dirt. Very fast growers."

5:58am Dec 18/09
"Not what I was looking for. 7/10 germinated, 1 male. May be I'll have to try her again one day..."

12:19am Oct 28/09
"Started 2 seeds, 2 sprouted (1 has major gene defect !!!) Beside my retard one, the good one is exceptionnal ! (BIG leaves, good vigor !)"

3:40pm Sep 7/09
"Started 4 seeds, 2 sprouted and are my best seedlings so far. BIG ASS LEAVES"

5:07pm Apr 13/09
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