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*I think we need to become a nation of people who see themselves as farmers, as creators rather than consumers.

I will be a farmer and I urge you to ponder that perspective for your own efforts. A neighbourhood of farmers, sharing their harvest and their seeds and their recipes will strengthen our communities.

So I urge you to ?adopt a vegetable?. Choose your favorite open pollinated variety and learn about it through the seasons, then begin collecting its seeds so that you can share them and your recipes with others.

We can all help to build our neighbourhoods from garden to garden to garden.

Yours truly,

Mary Ballon, President, West Coast Seeds
*see the entire quote on their website.

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Artichoke Green Globe
Artichoke Green Globe - $2.50
Asparagus UC517 F2
Asparagus UC517 F2 - $4.20
Basil Cinnamon  <BR> Ocimum basilicum
Basil Cinnamon
Ocimum basilicum - $2.00
Basil Genovese <br>Ocimum basilicum
Basil Genovese
Ocimum basilicum - $2.00
Basil Lime
Basil Lime - $2.00
Basil Siam Queen - Thai Basil
Basil Siam Queen - Thai Basil - $2.00

Indoor Mix

Outdoor Mix

Spore Syringe - available in Canada Only

Blueberry Jam


BC Big Bud



Morning Glory
Ipomoea violacea

Atomic Haze

Atomic Northern Lights

Donkey Dick

Mushroom Kits - available in Canada Only

Thai Lights

Blue City Diesel

Deep Purple - Blueberry x Purple Kush

Wild Dagga (Lion's Ear
Leonotis leonurus

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